May Currently

I am linking up with Farley for the May Currently.  I know, I know....a bit late, but I have excuses (just none you will want to hear).

Listening:  A few years ago, my principal had our entire campus doing a study on Ron Clark and his book "The Essential 55".  Most of his stories seemed crazy to me, but I was inspired by his unconventional methods of motivating students (and typically the hardest to reach students).  So, when nothing else is on and I need a little "pick me up", I can count on good ole' Ron Clark.

Loving:  This evening I am heading to the Austin area to take part in a very unique opportunity.  I was chosen by TEA (Texas Education Agency) to serve on a Life Science Standards Setting Committee.  They have been so gracious in taking care of my hotel, travel, and food arrangements (they are even reimbursing my school for the cost of a sub)!  I am excited to see what being on this committee entails (I think I will be deciding what proficiencies new teachers will need to prove their competency in before earning their teaching certificate.)  Very cool.

Thinking:  I have been working on several new products for interactive science notebooks for many weeks now.  I am super-pumped about finishing up my chemistry one and can't wait to publish it in my TpT store (It's a big one!)

Wanting:  My hubby announced to me that for Mother's Day, he wanted to get me an at-home laser hair removal system, so he's been busily researching online.  (By the way, not sure if I should be excited or offended, but either way, I would love to have one.)  I think I've decided on the Tria Laser, which runs around $500.  Anybody out there know anybody who has used it??  I'd love to get some "real people" feedback instead of the online or commercial comments from "actual customers" (I never believe those.)

Needing:  It struck me just yesterday, that I am going to be in a swimsuit next Friday!  Sheer panic!!  Our GT students are doing their culminating activity at Schlitterbahn waterpark in New Braunfels, TX.  Maybe a Moo-Moo will do.

Summer Bucket List:  With all of my recent success on Teachers Pay Teachers, I would really like to take my family on a tropical vacay (complete with my daughters' first plane ride and crystal clear beaches.)  Still going back and forth between a cruise and an all-inclusive resort.  Thoughts?  Ideas?


  1. Schlitterbahn!?! I have seen that park showcased on The Travel Channel and it is definitely on my to-do list. Sounds like so much fun!!!
    ~Linking up from May's Currently~
    Enjoy your two days off!

  2. 1. I was born in Texas! I always get excited when I find people from that great state! :)
    2. I love teaching science with notebooks... so expect another regular buyer this fall. Gotta find out what grade I'll be teaching.
    3. Good luck with your conference! So jealous of any opportunities for professional development.

    Yay for linky parties,

  3. Enjoy the water park, I hope you have wonderful weather! Enjoy the conference as well...I too wish we had more opportunities for professional development in our district...unfortunately they are few and far between...