I'm All About Getting Organized

I'm beginning to see a common theme in my most recent blog posts.  Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised, but I love being organized.

For the past few weeks I've been working on my Teacher Planner for next school year.  I've never been 100% happy with the pre-made planners that can be purchased online or in stores and when a teacher friend of mine mentioned that she made her own and took it to Office Max to be spiral bound, I got the inspiration to make my own.  It was my first item on Teachers Pay Teachers and ended up being a big hit.   Throughout this school year, I've definitely learned what worked and what didn't and I've kept a running list of ideas to improve upon for next year.  This new planner is THE BOMB!  In addition, I got some feedback from my co-workers on things they'd like to see in it, all the way from the high school to the elementary level.  A special thanks goes out to my friend, Miss Klohn over at Adventures of 6th Grade Teacher who helped me add some details that would be important for lower grades.  The final product will work for a teacher at any level.

And the best part about it is, it's totally customizable (is that a word?).  I've used Adobe Acrobat X Pro to create a form which allows individuals to type and modify text on every single page.  You can choose to leave pages blank and print them out to hand-write on, or type in text before printing.  You can put the sections in whatever order you want and truly make it your own.  Once you have it exactly how you want it, take it to an office supply store, like Office Max or Office Depot, and have them spiral bind it and add clear covers to the front and back for less than $4.  It has been my favorite classroom tool this year and I'm so excited to share the newest version with you.  Come check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.  I've added a few images (of the 103 included in the final product) to give you an idea of how cute it is.  

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