Make Your Own Customized Teacher Planner

STOP BUYING LESSON PLAN BOOKS!!  It's so easy and inexpensive to make your own, customized Teacher Planner with everything YOU need in one organized place.  Just print everything out at home or school and take it to the nearest office supply store, where they will put clear covers on the front and back and bind it all together for around $5 or less.

I've never found a planner/organizer that had exactly what I needed on a day-to-day basis, but this does.

HERE IS A LINK to my Teachers Pay Teachers page, where I will post the complete, editable document.

UPDATE 6/25/13:  This was my 2012-2013 Teacher Planner, which I am no longer selling.  I have replaced it with updated Teacher Planners in 2 different designs to choose from with tons of options!  To see my post (including pictures), click HERE.  To go directly to it on my Teachers Pay Teachers site, CLICK HERE.)

Bad Blogger

I've slapped myself on the wrist and vowed to be a better blogger...I blame my 3 years Masters of Science program (which I am finally done with!!) and being a busy mother of 2.  I am graduating on August 11th from Texas Tech University with a Masters of Science in Multidisciplinary Science.  Needless to say, I think I was a bit overwhelmed last year and I look forward to a much smoother upcoming school year.  Ha!

For all those middle school teachers who are looking for some effective lessons that are ready-to-go, start checking out my TpT store.  I will be adding things throughout the year, as I use them in my classroom.  I am seriously one of the most anal, Type A people you will ever meet, so you can rest assured that if I use something in my classroom and put it in my store, then all the kinks have been worked out, mistakes corrected and it has passed the test.

Check out the Reason for the Seasons complete lesson