Taking My Girls Shopping and the Clip Art JACKPOT

A typical Sunday consists of church, then lunch out, then I come home and get out of my uncomfortable shoes, then I'm off to the grocery store with my coupon binder and 7-year old in tow.  I usually don't take my 4 year old for several reasons.
     1.)  She's a bit of a wild child.
     2.)  She'll talk to everyone, whether we know them or not, and will typically make inappropriate comments about the person while they are still within earshot, like "Mom, why did that old man have hair coming out of his ears?"  EMBARRASSING!!!
     3.)  She runs all over the place, gets in the way of the shopping cart constantly and pulls whatever she wants off the shelf and tries to throw it in the shopping cart (and is often times successful - until I notice at checkout.)     
     3.)  And for many of the above reasons, I must put her in the front sitting part of the cart (which she hates, so she throws a major LOUD fit).  BUT....this is where I need to put my Couponing Binder

Needless to say, the 4-year old hasn't gone in quite awhile.  Today, I decided to take her.

I wanted to give both of the girls a task to complete - their own list of items to shop for at the grocery store.  It will give them both ownership and something productive to focus on.  My 7-year old has always been very helpful, can read everything, etc..., but I wasn't sure about my 4-year old.  She knows her numbers and some letter sounds, so I knew a picture would be very important.  On Lila's List (the 4 year old), I tried to include numbers and items that I wouldn't really mind what she grabbed (for example, I'm very picky about the firmness of the grapes I buy, so I wouldn't want to leave that up to my 4-year old.)  

I created a shopping list for each of them and while I was searching for clip art, I found the MOTHERLOAD.  I had intended on going shopping yesterday, but after hitting this jackpot, I immediately started downloading everything, which took me forever and pushed the shopping trip back to today.  (Keep reading for the ClipArt link.)  

Here is the shopping list: (I printed on cardstock and then cut it in half)
The girls were so excited and proud when they got their lists to look over - they can't wait to go shopping today.

And now for the ClipArt Motherload (and it's free - did I mention that?!?)

They have the clip art organized by category and many cute selections.  I can see so many possibilities for things in my classroom and at home.  

Happy Sunday to you all.  I am soooooo not ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Luckily, this is only a 3 1/2 day week (I have early out on Thursday and no school on Friday.)  I guess it's a nice way to ease back into things.  

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