Party in a PDF

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself.  I finally convinced my hubby that I needed a new computer and I absolutely MUST HAVE Adobe Pro and Photoshop.  I am having way too much fun creating PDF documents that are editable.  I can't wait to create all sorts of new stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers for my store.

I thought I'd share my first editable PDF document  with all my blog buddies for FREE! (Scroll to the bottom of this post for the link.)  Now, since this is my very FIRST creation, I'd really like some feedback.  What works?  What doesn't?  What could be better?  Whatever your thoughts are, please share them.  Who knows...I may have royally screwed something up and have no clue.

Without further a it is
Click HERE to download the Editable Foldable Templates


  1. Looks great! It was super easy to change the text throughout the document. Teachers love to customize for their specific class, so the editable pdf is awesome. Been thinking of Adobe Pro myself, but have not taken the plunge. Happy Creating!

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