Newest Product - Just in Time for the Holidays

I am so excited about my newest product and it's winter/Christmas themed!  It is an Exploration Station Rotation activity, in which students move around the room, exploring different forces in motion, using easy-to-find-materials.  As they work on each station, they record observations and data into their Interactive Science Notebook.

After completing the 2 day investigation, you teach them about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion (which I have some great Forces in Motion Foldables (see below) to help you with just that!)  Then, have the students come back to the observations and data in their ISN's and explain how each of Newton's 3 Laws was evidenced in each station.

This year, I numbered my students off, assigning just one station to each group.  For example, all of the 1's were in charge of Station 1 and teaching the class how all 3 of Newton's Laws were evidenced in that station (they became the experts and taught the rest of the class.)  While they were presenting to the class, the audience took notes and asked questions.  It was a great way to spiral back to previous investigations and relate new information to prior learning and personal experiences.

Get it in time for the holidays!  Just $5 on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

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