Christmas FREEBIE- Merry Christmas Bunting

I've been hard at work today, preparing for another week in the science classroom and preparing my home for my parents to come visit this coming weekend.  To add a nice touch to my Christmas decor, I decided to make a Christmas bunting.  I haven't decided if I am going to add it to my tree or at the entrance to my kitchen, but regardless of my indecisiveness I wanted to share this with all my blogging buddies.   (Maybe I'll post a pic to show my final decision).  Hmmm....It would also look great in my classroom....

Please share where you decided to display it.

Merry Christmas to you all!  (Right click on each JPEG image below to save it to your computer.)  Or if you prefer a PDF, click HERE.

Images and Bunting Backgrounds are from Smitten Blog Designs

Not sure if I'm in love with this or not, but I went ahead and put the bunting on the tree tonight. I'm thinking a mantle or my classroom would look better. Opinions??

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  1. Your blog has SO many great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration.