My Tush Hurts!

I have literally been sitting here at my computer since before lunch time!  I am in pain, tired, and for what you ask?  I have been creating some Weather Foldables for Interactive Science Notebooks!  And I am finally finished.

It ended up being a 27-page PDF document that also includes teacher answer keys for many of the pages.  I really try to do EVERYTHING in our Interactive Science Notebook and this cuts down on prep work for me and keeps all of the important information that I want my kiddos to know and remember organized (and if you haven't caught on yet...I live for organization!)  The use of a textbook in my classroom is nearly obsolete...we truly rely on the ISN as the sole source of information and we use it daily, so you've got to keep things interesting for your students.

To be taken directly to the product on my Teachers Pay Teachers site, click HERE.

Pages include information on:
•Differences in Temperature (in the oceans, on the Earth, in air masses)
•Jet Stream
•Weather vs. Climate
•Meteorologist for a Day (Forecasting the weather using a weather map)
•Pressure Systems and Fronts
•El Nino & La Nina (and normal conditions)
•Land and Sea Breezes
•Air Masses (3)
•Global Winds (2)
•Fronts (warm, cold, stationary)
•Air Pressure (Barometric Pressure)
•Weather instruments
•Reading Weather Maps
•Ocean Currents

Check out a few pages of the final product.

Good night, all my blogging buddies.  I am off to get a much needed massage from my hubby.  :)

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