A Christmas Gift that Rocks!

With Christmas around the corner, I thought I'd share one of my recent crafty creations. On Black Friday, I came across a deal I just couldn't pass up.... A Silhouette Cameo with exclusive designer package for $249 (with tons of other goodies in the package)! I am still learning all that it can do, but I am having so much fun playing with it.

Over the Thanksgiving break, I discovered that my 9-year told nephew wanted to be a geologist when he grew up.  I commented that "if he was bad, I was going to give him a lump of coal or a bag of rocks for Christmas."  His mother told me that he might actually like that, since he wanted to be a geologist someday.  So with the new Cameo and my creative spark, I decided to put a gift together for him that would fuel this fire he had.

I dug through my rocks and minerals and put together two different boxes for him.  Here is the Rock Box:
And the Mineral Kit (which is my fave!), contains everything he needs to identify the 16 minerals.  I included a black light, hand lens, magnet, glass plate, black and white streak plate, and hand held microscope.
I also created a Geologist's Notebook for him to use to identify the minerals and keep careful notes about his observations (like good scientists do, of course).
Here you can see the clues I gave him.  I tried my best to simplify the clues for a 9-year old.

Merry Christmas!  For all of my followers, stay tuned!  I have big news coming soon.  I reached a big milestone on Teachers Pay Teachers, so be watching out for some fun giveaways at the start of the new year.


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