Join in the Movement: Forces in Motion (and a little extra at the end!)

And for a little inspiration, I'd like to start with the always entertaining and motivational.... OPRAH WINFREY!!  (And no, I'm not giving away any cars or boat-loads of my favorite things - sorry to disappoint.)

I've been busily creating new things for my Force and Motion Unit.  I've got Flippables, Word Walls, quick checks for understanding and more!

Here's a sneak peek at some of my NEW Force and Motion Flippables for an Interactive Science Notebook:

Check out my NEW Force and Motion for Interactive Science Notebooks HERE.  All 12 pages can be purchased for only $6.25.

Quick Check for Understanding: Speed, Velocity and Acceleration.

Force and Motion Word Wall Terms

Calculating and Graphing Speed Quick Assessment

I've also completed my Newton's Laws word wall terms.  In addition to the word wall terms/pictures, I always include a Spanish word strip for those who choose to post the vocabulary terms for English Language Learners.

I've also got a few Interactive Science Notebook Tips and Tricks to Share.  It's only November and our Interactive Science Notebooks are starting to bulge a bit.  I've got a simple little trick a friend shared with me to help tame those wild things!  Punch a hole in the bottom of the back cover of the notebook.  Use a 7 1/2"-ish long rubber band to put through the hole (I found these on the office supply aisle at Wal-Mart).  If you need an image of how to do this, I think the last image below should clarify any confusion.  Then, simply close the notebook and wrap the rubber band around the entire notebook as shown below.

Another tip/trick I wanted to share are called Flip-Outs (see pics below).  I teach science, so we are constantly needing to reference the Periodic Table of Elements and a List of Common Equations and Formulas.  If you teach another subject you could easily replace this with something your students would need to reference frequently.  Simply glue the Flip-Out inside the back cover of the notebook so that when the notebook is closed, the entire reference chart is visible (hanging out the right side or hanging out the top of the notebook).  This way, no matter where you happen to be working in the Interactive Notebook, this entire reference chart is visible!  My kids love it and I love never having to deal with the excuse of " I lost my periodic table" or "I left mine at home/in my locker/in my mom's car..."   

(please excuse the hideous cover...I am so embarrassed.  My students decorated their covers so beautifully, but I never got around to doing mine - bigger fish to fry, I guess!)   

You'll also notice that we glued a 5"x7" envelope in the back cover (on top of the blank part of the Flip-Outs).  This pocket can be used throughout the year to hold items that aren't quite ready to be glued in or small pieces that haven't been glued in yet (that would otherwise get lost).

In addition, whenever we make flashcards of any type, we glue in a small letter-size envelope and store the flashcards on a particular page for safe keeping.  I don't like gluing the flashcards down because it takes away the ability to use them as a method of study/review.

I'd love to hear what tips and tricks you have to share for Interactive Notebooks.  Please share!

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