Checking for Understanding FREE Printable

My goal this year is to do a better of job of checking for understanding (or quick, simple formative assessments).  Today I created some cards to attach to the student desks that will do just that!

Just download the file below and print on green, yellow, and red card stock.  The GREEN is for students who totally understand the concept, YELLOW for students who kind of understand and RED for students who don't understand.  To increase the functionality, I also printed the letters A, B, and C on the back in case I want to use them for a quick multiple choice response.  (You may want to laminate for durability.  I plan on doing it when I get to school, but I wanted to share them with you today.)  Then, punch a hole in the top corner and connect the 3 cards with a metal book ring.  If you have the typical student desks you could use a string or ribbon to connect the ring to one of the metal bars on the desk.  I have permanent lab tables, so I am going to use ribbon to connect them to the base of the gas valves or base of the sink faucets that are on the student lab tables.

Enjoy the FREE printables and let me know how it goes!!

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  1. Hi! I used this strategy to check for understanding today and it worked great! I got it from the book Checking for Understanding by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey on Amazon. I used old behavior cards I had but I think I'm going to write in what you have. Thanks for the resource!

    Your newest follower,
    Ms. H.
    Live, Love, Laugh in 2nd Grade