Student Grouping - Famous Trios

As I was lying in bed at 6 a.m. this morning thinking about school (and wondering why I'm such a nut and can't just let it go for the summer), I thought about creating some student grouping cards that would randomly put my students into groups of three.  I began brainstorming famous trios and created these student grouping cards.

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Seventh, Eighth, Middle School -
I have found that I must continually change how I group my 8th graders.  It doesn't take them long to figure out the cards (the first time they see them, they aren't quite sure, but after that....forget it!).  After they become familiar with the cards, I find them trading with fellow classmates so that they can be partnered with their BFFs.  So, I have to add to my bag of tricks all year long just to keep them on their toes.

Next task on the To Do List...  Famous Groups of FOUR!

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