Well...It's Official! I'm a Red Raider

I walked the stage this weekend in Lubbock, Texas and received my Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Science from Texas Tech University.  So I guess that makes me a Bobcat and an official Red Raider.  I am so excited to be done and to never have to make that 5 hour drive again...it's the worst!  My wonderful family came from even farther to support me and I am so appreciative.
Receiving my medallion from the College of Education

My favorite Physics Professor, Dr. David Lamp 
My favorite Engineering Professor, Dr. Mukaddes Darwish...what a goober!

My family, who has put up with A LOT over the past 3 years (it's made my 3 year old a little nuts!)

My happy parents

Receiving my medallion for the MS^2 Program (a $3 million grant from the Greater Texas Foundation)

Hugs and handshakes from the professors in my Masters program

Yay!  I finally found my family in the crowded United Spirit Arena

Sisters!  She says I'm finally an official Red Raider.  Wow!  It only took 3 years to become official.

My sister and her hubby and me and my hubby.  We represent Longhorns, Red Raiders, Bobcats and Aggies!

Get Your Guns Up and Eat 'Em Up Cats!

Today's thought:  I am a lifelong learner and thrive on continually finding ways to better myself and be a better science teacher.  I am wondering what my next adventure in life will be, what greater things will I pursue, what seems impossible now but will be revealed as attainable?...  What is your next adventure in life?

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  1. Congrats and Wreck 'em Tech!! I teach in Lubbock and am a big Red Raider fan!

    Katie @ Sixth Grade Scribbles