DIY - Just a Little Classroom DIY

Need a cute storage idea for your randomizing Popsicle sticks?  Look no further!  Simply take a Crystal light container (I used the cheaper HEB version, which worked fine), remove the outer wrapping and decorate using washi tape and homemade labels!

Another simple DIY is converting a used Velveeta box into a cute classroom container that can hold just about anything.

Simply remove the Velveeta box lid (carefully... it will serve as your tracing template).  Trace it onto a large piece of sturdy scrapbooking paper or other large 12" x 12" piece of cardstock.  

The ends of the Velveeta box actually hung over the piece of scrapbook paper, so after cutting it out, I had to make separate end panels to glue on top of the existing end panels that were too short.  It actually made the box lid a little sturdier, so not a big deal.  

Using a craft bone folder or the edge of a smooth ruler, crease the new scrapbook paper lid in the exact places that the Velveeta lid was creased.  Glue it together and use paperclips to hold it all in place for a few minutes while it dries.  

After it dries, just put the new lid you made on top of the cardboard bottom of the Velveeta box and VOILA!  Instant cute box!!


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