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I recently found out about a new FREE app that I think all middle school teachers and chemistry teachers would love- the Elements 4D app by Daqri. In addition to the free app, the site also provides free lesson plans for teachers of elementary students, middle school students, and high school students.  It is an augmented reality app in which students discover the properties of various elements (available via interactive blocks that are printed and assembled into cubes by the teacher prior to the activity - also free to download from their site.)  CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the site.  
The video clip below shows 2 of the 6 blocks that are provided (36 different elements in all).  By utilizing the app, the elements are brought to life.  Students are able to see what the element looks like in its natural form - it's state of matter is shown inside the block as the element "comes to life."  Students can also click on the element name to discover more factual information about the element.  If two elements are able to combine to form a compound, the compound that is created will also "come to life" when the two element blocks are touching.  Students see the chemical equation that is produced when the two elements combine to form a compound.  If they do not form a compound, nothing will happen.  

In the video above, you can see that sodium is a silvery, solid metal.  Chlorine is a poisonous, greenish gas.  But when combined, they form a harmless compound called sodium chloride (table salt).  I see great benefits to using this when teaching valence electrons, chemical reactions, chemical equations, and so much more!

Daqri also has an Anatomy 4D app that allows students to explore the human body and heart.  Students can interact with one body system at a time and study it in intricate detail (for example, they can focus on just the skeletal, muscular, or respiratory system) or discover how they all function together at the same time.  The teacher only has to print out one sheet of paper for the human body portion or one sheet of paper for the heart portion.  To be taken directly to the Anatomy 4D site, CLICK HERE.  A quick demo video of the heart and the human body are below.


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  1. As a person that is still going through school to get my teaching degree, this sounds like a really interesting app to me! A lot more schools each year are getting technological devices for their students and this can only aid them in their understanding. It could also just be a fun way for them to interact with the concepts when they are so interactive in 4D form. This is a really great find! Thanks!