Prepare in Advance for Sick Days - Editable Sub Binder


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  2. I think this idea is absolutely wonderful. At my high school our principal had us put together 10 emergency lesson plans in the first month of school. When I sat down to do them, I felt overwhelmed. I was trying to remember all I would need for all of them. What will I set up? How diverse can I make them? How much do I need to have in them? I remember just sitting at the computer, staring at it. I was having a brain block.

    I did turn in something. I feel as though it was the worse work in my life. I had two pages of generic lesson plans. A video here and there, and a worksheet packet somewhere in between on those sheets. I wish I had this idea in August to help me better plan in advance. It is extremely organized and has everything you would need right in front of you. How easy and efficient! I know next August I will be purchasing a packet and spreading the word for others to get them one too. It makes the process of planning easier. Thank you!