Have a little free time? Try 94 Seconds.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'll check out the game. Also, I'm jealous of teachers who have a projector always set up and ready to go - by the time I find a projector and get it set up (and find the adaptor for my ipad) the 5 minute window is often gone.

    I can't think of a game off the top of my head, but I love vi hart math videos on yourube.. (start with doodling in math class, doodle music, or candy buttons) Physics minute is good too.

    Usually I save vi hart stuff for days when the schedule is turned upside down - last day before christmas holidays, halloween, etc, school dance or afternooon tribes activities. It saves me from trying to start something new with one class then playing catch up with whichever 2 or 3 groups who miss math that day.

    They are also good as a "here is something cool" - I always warn the kids that she talks really fast, and that they won't understand it all. The biggest issue in my gifted classes is that many kids blurt out questions when they don't understand a term - usually their timing means that they shout out "I don't get it" just as the next sentence explains the new term.

    The videos can either be a 5 minute "check out this cool thing" or an introduction to a full period activity (great for snow days too!)

    Usually there are a few kids in each class who have seen all the videos already (and love them - happy to re-watch), and a couple more who go home and watch them all that night.

    I know that I am too sensitive to student complaints ('I'm bored .... or "we did this last year" or "I've already seen this ...) but somehow these clips can be watched over and over.

    (Someday I really need to start my own blog - when I comment, I tend to ramble, thanks for the platform!)