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I've recently added a FREEBIE on my Teachers Pay Teachers site that I wanted to share with the blogging world.  It's 5 Interactive Science Notebook Table of Contents pages to use this upcoming school year in your students' notebooks.  Last year 4 TOC pages just wasn't enough for my classes (we ran out of room in our notebooks), so this year we are moving to a 3-subject spiral (college ruled), which I think will do the trick and 5 TOC pages.  These TOC pages go all the way to page 169.  If you find that you need even more, just send me an email and I will create more!

Thanks for visiting my site!  CLICK HERE for the freebie.

Teaching Tip:  I recommend that you (the teacher) run these TOC pages through a poster maker that increases the size of the image.  Laminate and post the Table of Contents page somewhere in your classroom and keep a MASTER TOC for the students to refer to, in case they ever get behind or confused.  Everyone in the class should have identical Science Notebooks (as far as what content is on which page).

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  1. What poster maker do you use? Is there a version of the TOC without page numbers so that I can change the page numbers for a poster size? What do you recommend for someone teaching 2 grades (different content) of science for interactive notebooks?