Menu Board

I am about to assemble my first Menu Board and I am so pumped.  All the pieces have turned out great so far!  To DIY, follow all of the links below.

1)  For the Menu Board Printouts, click on this link to visit the site I downloaded them from.  I printed on white cardstock and laminated them.  You could print them on some cute paper, if you prefer.  

2)  Ask a beer drinker to chug 7 bottled beers and save the bottle caps!  (I wouldn't recommend that you do this - you have some serious crafting to do here, so please stay focused.)  Glue the days of the week inside each bottle cap.  I tried a variety of adhesives (just to see what worked best - Super Glue Gel, Glue Gun, Gorilla Glue, Tacky Glue).  Honestly, for this step, I think any of them will do.

3)  I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some magnets in the craft section.  I didn't want the bottle caps to stick out much further, so I bought some thin ones (Magnetic Neo-Buttons).  And let me just tell you, these suckers are STRONG!  Several times, I accidentally let them get too close to each other or something metal and they forcefully attracted to it.

4)  Just to make the printouts a little cuter, I added some small bows and buttons with a glue gun.

5)  Finally for the envelope that will hold all of the menu items, I used this site.  I chose to print it on some pretty 2-sided paper.  After cutting and assembling the envelope, I cut off the top triangular part that would normally close the envelope.  I wanted it to be open with the menu item cards showing.
6)  Next, you will need to gather up all of your go-to meals (and maybe some new ones) and make printable meal cards.  Feel free to use mine below (word document).  I chose to use a font called Sweetie Pie, which is free and downloadable from DaFont.  It has some cute hearts that coordinate with the menu board print outs.  I am going to print each page of menu items on different colored cardstock and then laminate (ex: all chicken dishes will be one color, beef dishes another colors, fish/seafood, pasta, soups, salads, etc..)

7)  I'll add the final product as soon as I get it done!  Have fun!

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